Nery MES
production floor managment system MES
The most advanced production floor management solution, gives total visualization, monitoring and real time analysis, thus improving profitability and reduction in production costs
Solar Monitoring system, solar monitoring software, pv monitoring,  solar energy monitor, integration security for solar site, solar field manintenance and executing automatic operation
Innovative Management System for security, safety, monitoring and maintenance of solar installations. It saves money during the solar plant life cycle
ASC Shield
Incident management solution for routine operations and emergencies
ASC Shield Incidents management solution for security, safety -including fire detection & Building management system. Experience in project management and supervision.
AgroAmitec-Climate Control
Amitec's innovative information systems that were developed for the industry present a new working approach that guides the user in his real time decision making process
AgroAmitect-2D Climate Control presents an innovative comprehensive and transformational approach to Climate Control in Agricultural buildings: Greenhouses, Dairy farms and poultry
Energy Managment
Universal EMS system designed for energy efficiency and metering. Compatible with kWh meters and multi-meters.
Our Clients
  • Israel Electric
    Israel Electric
  • Strauss Coffee Production
    Strauss Coffee Production
    Phoenicia Flat Glass
  • Sano
    Sano Detergents Production
  • Tnuva Cheese Production
    Tnuva Cheese Production
  • Israel Airports Authority
    Israel Airports Authority
  • Yahel
  • Sharon Laboratories
    Sharon Laboratories
  • Omen Casting
    Omen Casting
  • Nesher Israel Cimment Industries
    Nesher Israel Cimment Industries
  • Ashdod Port
    Ashdod Port
  • M. G Lightning
    M. G Lightning
  • Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
    Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
  • Long - Bridge
    Long - Bridge
  • Bank Leumi
    Bank Leumi
  • Hazera Genetics
    Hazera Genetics
  • Energix Group
    Energix Group
  • Elbit Systems
    Elbit Systems
  • CLP (Tabik)
    CLP (Tabik)
  • Azrieli Group
    Azrieli Group
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