AgroAmitec-2D Climate Control

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AgroAmitec-Smart Climate-Control system for agriculture By Amitec & ARO Institute The result of years of research, AgroAmitec-2D Climate Control presents an innovative comprehensive and transformational approach to Climate Control in Agricultural buildings: Greenhouses, Dairy farms and poultry.

AgroAmitec-2D Climate Control provides

Full Automation of:
  ● Planning and Design Module
  ● Continuous Monitoring & Control:
  ● Different sensors e.g. temperature, airflow and humidity levels and smartly controlling the  devices of the greenhouse
  ● Integrated heating and drying system
  ● Intelligent fogging and chilling system

Intelligent Expert Control System:
  ● Smart resolution of abnormal and emergency situations
  ● Generates guidance, alerts and reports to the end

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Key Benefits
  ● Fully accurate  year round agricultural  building management
  ● Assists in optimization of project design
  ●  Increased yields
  ● Lowered disease incidents
  ● Lowered maintenance costs
  ● Lowered electricity and water expenses

Measurable Benefits:
  ● 80% Lower maintenance costs (water, electricity, agrochemicals, direct labor)
  ● 80% less CO²
  ● Reduced pesticide requirements
  ● Increased yield
  ● Ensures increased uptime, and meets or exceeds Power Purchase

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