AgroAmitec 2D Climate Control Applications

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Among our customers are

Kibbutz Yahel dairy
Proven increase of milk production, less work hours, more births, fewer deaths, significantly less energy and water costs than any other system, less maintenance costs
KKL-JNF – Greenhouses
Is leading the quest for a more environmentally friendly Israel; creating open spaces, forests and recreation areas – all in appreciation for our natural and cultural heritage

The results: Accurate and stable temperature and humidity in changing conditions significantly increase of
                      yields, less diseases, less energy and water costs, less maintenance costs

Central-and Northern-Arava Research and Development – Greenhouses
The R&D activity in the Arava Valley of the Negev Desert was initiated in 1986, aiming to
serve the development needs of the new settlements at officially declared high priority regions along
Israel's borders. This activity was supported and funded by the Jewish Agency, government departments, regional municipalities and private sponsors.

The results: Accurate and stable temperature and humidity in changing conditions significantly increases
                     yields, reduces diseases and energy,  water and maintenance costs.

The Mizrachi edible flowers greenhouses
Not far from Tel Aviv Mr. and Mrs. Simon Mizrahi grow edible flowers which they export worldwide.
In order to assure high quality and high yields, free of diseases, which is ready for the market on schedule -Mr. Mizrcahi grows his crop in greenhouse that are being monitored and controlled using AGROAMITEC Climate Control which was developed in co-operation with Volcani Center ARO - Agricultural Research Organization (the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture)
            The conditions in the Greenhouse has to be closely and accurately monitored in order to prevent favorable growth conditions for diseases, and at the same time facilitate optimal growing conditions for optimal growth yields.

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