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E.M.S. is a general-purpose SW designed for energy efficiency and metering.
It is universal and is compatible with kWh meters and multi-meters.
The measurements are displayed on a per day basis.
E.M.S integrates easily with other HMI software packages.

The system's main features include:
● Easy configuration - no prior knowledge required
● 2 categories of groupings
● Flexible meter definitions via communication protocol
● Holidays and special events definition
● Multi tariff definition - by seasons, daytime periods.
● Built-in daily and monthly reports
● Built-in graphs
● Energy comparison - Meter to meter, selected month to other month
● Billing reports
● Multi- language
● The software also works with gas, water and air supply metering

● E.M.S. software package enables you to build independent Energy Consumption billing
● E.M.S. software package can be customized enabling full control of all aspects of billing e.g. rates, periods, customer specification
● E.M.S. software package enables the collection of information that helps save energy and money.
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