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Solar Energy

SolAmitec - Full solution for solar installations
Saving money during the solar plant life cycle

SolAmitec - The only "all in one" solution for integrators- EPC's ,project developers, owners and O&M -designed for security, safety, monitoring and maintenance of solar installations while maximizing site performance.

SolAmitec Benefits
● Helps reduce manpower and resources needed for maintenance, and provides accurate and fast problem
    resolving capabilities
● Reduces up to 30% costs. Improvement in performance and by saving the purchase of third  
   party's sub system software
● Provides protection against the high risk of theft and vandalism of valuable equipment  
● Protects against the high risk of exposure of sensitive equipment to fire and electrical faults
● Speeds incident’s response time by automatically displaying relevant documentation and
   executing automatic operations and via SMS
● Improving the project’s resource management
● An Expert System with troubleshooting features enabling incident management and  
    notifications to the relevant staff
● Efficient control =  CO2 reduction!
● Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

Advanced unified and flexible platform
SolAmitec provides an inclusive solution for monitoring, integration, security, and solar site maintenance and management during the entire life cycle while reducing manpower and resources /costs. SolAmitec serves as a unified platform that interfaces flexibly with other existing solar energy technological systems such as inverters, sensors, CCTV, ERP systems PLC's and others. SolAmitec displays all the information gathered from the solar systems at the site and displays them on one screen in real time at a different location.

Cutting edge technology for improving site efficiency and safety
SolAmitec is modular and is tailor made for site and project management
ever-changing operation and management requirements (O&M).  The system saves up to
30% in maintenance costs and increases the overhaul outputs.   By using this advanced
SolAmitec Control technology, it is possible to track and significantly improve the site performance and deal with the problems such as dust and faulty panels.
SolAmitec  manages the site's performance and its faults continuously and automatically. It helps embed defined work procedures and policies that were defined by the organization policy makers.
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