Indoor agriculture in Israel focuses on greenhouses and cowsheds. In the West World and Israel included, there is a growing need for vegetables, organic food and dairy products.

As a result of global warming, the need for cooling and climate control has increased and together with it, the demand for saving the costs of energy and water.

We have developed the appropriate solutions to deal with these problems.







What are the advantages for you?

  • Precision agriculture adapted to the type of crop and region. (Especially important for cannabis)
  • Enhancing crops and milk production
  • A decreased usage of pesticides
  • A growth even during marginal seasons to improve profits
  • A quick investment refund

How is our work carried out?

Meeting our client to understand his needs –> detailed characterization –> matching the system to our client’s demands –> running and

integrating –> documentation and guidance –> support and service for many years to come.

What are our products and systems?