Why do we need a command and control system?

In a world which is threatened by violence and natural disasters, it is absolutely necessary to have a system that manages security events , safety and infrastructure in times of emergency and routine. In a complex event which involves various systems, every error can endanger human life and cause a waste of precious resources. The information reaches bodies that operate simultaneously through a smart decision making system that assists in managing the event.







Who is exposed to these threats?

  • Governmental and municipal institutions
  • Civilian and military firms and plants
  • Malls, universities and hospitals

How can the Big Brother assist you in times of emergency and routine?

  • Centralize critical system alerts to a central data base and send messages to bodies that deal with matters of:
  • security, safety, dangerous materials, water and sewage, electricity, etc.
  • Present scenarios on one screen in a visual way.
  • Quick analysis of data and reaching conclusions.

Our products and systems for handling events in times of emergency and routine:

ASC-Shield –  A super-system for managing all the systems in an organization or municipality (HLS during routine and emergency – from one platform; interfaces smoothly for security systems, entrance control, fire alarm control panel, CCTV electrical systems, water, sewage, gas, etc.