The global production world is on a verge of a new industrial revolution – industry 4.0 – IOT  in which all the production components communicate with one another horizontally and vertically through the Internet (the cloud), sensors – IOT, computer and control systems.







How AMITEC introduced its innovative approach of the industry 4.0 to the Insraeli market?

  • Horizontal and vertical integration of production components.
  • Various sensors of IOT technology, production machines, PLC control, SCADA software, MES and an organization system.
  • Collecting all the information in a cloud and making it available and transparent to Authorized personnel, thus facilitating a rapid decision making process.
  • Automation of processes.
  • Increasing efficiency and product quality.
  • Saving costs of raw material and utilities consumptions.
  • Turning the plant into an “environmentally friendly plant”.

Our work procedure:

Amitec experts meet with the prospective client. During this meeting our experts learn the client needs àafter establishing the detailed characterization we tailor our system to the client’s needs ->running and integration ->  We produce documentation and guidance -> support and service for many years to come.

What are our products and systems?

We offer several EMS managing products:

Asc-EMS-MES- managing_production and maintenance

Asc-EMS managing energy and infrastructure