In the last decades, there is increasing global awareness of climatic changes taking place on Earth and their environmental influences. The demand to reduce the dependency on polluting and consumable resources makes the use of renewable energy available and comprehensive and requires appropriate preparation of service providers and owners of solar installations.







What is the immediate need?

  • The prevention of disabling processed data and real time instructions to enable troubleshooting which cause a decrease in production.
  • Cost-effective maintenance management.
  • Management of safety and security of installations.

Who are the clients and service providers?

  • O&M firms – operation and maintenance which monitor many sites from KW5 to solar fields.
  • The owners of solar fields and installations.

What is our product/solution?

SolAmitec system from Amitec provides a leading solution in its field for monitoring, integration, protection and management of solar sites of every size – from design and construction to operation and maintenance ; analyzes in real time the activity of the site, provides hot alerts and enables to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the site and its performance.