AgroAmitec – Climate control for greenhouse /nurseries

Developed in co-operation with the Volcani Center – Israeli Agricultural Research Organization-ARO.

Existing control systems do not maintain uniform temperature and humidity conditions during changing environmental conditions i.e. year round, throughout the day/night.

AgroAmitec- Cloud based solution that includes proprietary algorithm that manages the dynamic climate control system  temperature and humidity simultaneously all year long – day and night.

Significant advantages compared to the existing single control systems







Full Automation of:

  • Planning and Design Module
  • Continuous Monitoring :
    Different sensors e.g. temperature, airflow and humidity levels
  • Smart controlling of the  devices in the greenhouse :
  • High pressure fogging ,natural air ventilation ,  forced air ventilation and  heating & dehumidifying
  • Integration to  heating , dehumidifying , irrigation  and fertilization systems

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System BenefitsHigher ROI

  • Dramatic increase in yield
  • Lower electricity and water costs
  • Less CO2 emission
  • Pesticide savings
  • Increase of equipment life duration

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