The most advanced production floor management solution, gives total visualization, monitoring and real time analysis, thus improving profitability and reduction in production costs.

Asc-Ems -Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) is the most advanced production floor management solution in its field .It provides:

total visualization, monitoring and real time analysis, thus improving profitability and reduction in production costs







Online monitoring, faults detection and production costs savings

Click a button and the status of the entire work flow is displayed including the faults in the production stream.

Asc-Ems serves as a decision making tool for managers and production personnel. It provides the user with means of controlling the production process and enforcing company policy and at the same time continuously improving outputs, as well as a detailed user friendly follow up reports that save up to 30% on production resources and man-power.






Maximum flexibility and adaptability to customer needs

Asc-Ems is a modular system that is easily adapted to entities of any size and different customers’ needs. It is an off the shelf product and at the same time in can be easily tailored to specific needs and specifications.  The system is very secure, and is continuously updated.  Our product operates successfully in dozens of factory plants

Short summary of system advantages

  • Management of all production floor resources with a single click
  • Forwarding real-time data thus assuring that decisions are based on a wide, valid information base
  • Maximizing production line efficiency. Thus, saving manpower, raw materials, electricity, water and other utilities.
  • Integration capabilities to a wide range of devices and other business software systems
  • Smart Planning / Scheduling shortens the supply chain and facilitates productions
  • An on-line fault alerts and production delays using SMS and email broadcast.
  • Speedy responses to incidences (identification and resolutions) in facilitates in a timely manner with quick resolution.
  • Streamlines the operation and reduces errors.
  • Shorter production time on every step along the way from raw material to delivery day.
  • Real-time Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculations and analysis.
  • Uses Business Intelligence (BI) to identify the best “man-machine” fit to accomplish the task in the most efficient way.
  • Up to 30% savings on production costs
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)


Potential interested parties: Integrators and  MES systems’ distributors.

Industrial plants: food, plastic, high tech, metal, pharmaceutical and others.

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