ASC Shield  Incident management solution for routine operations and emergencies , designed for commercial organizations and local governments. (safe city)

Amitc’s ASC-Shield is a critical tool during routine operations and emergencies in command and control centre “- Quote , User of ASC-Shield’s solution.

With companies and governments worldwide facing threats from terror organizations and a sharp increase in violence and crime, the ASC Shield security and  Homeland Security (HLS) control system from Amitec Ltd. is an essential tool. Developed in conjunction with consultants of the Israel Security Agency, ASC Shield provides complete control and protection for organizational and municipal infrastructure, as well as for defense industries and civil installations.






ASC Shield Benefits

  • Real-time visualization on a single screen – minimizes response time
  • Advanced expert system for accurate and fast decision making, resource management  and manpower  allocation.
  • Visually integrates all information from diverse systems, and presents it clearly and concisely  on a single screen, in real time.
  • Significantly shortens response time to potential threats
  • Integrates new and existing systems
  • Eliminates hours wasted on inefficient activity and errors
  • Supports authorizations and controls access to the system
  • Cost-effective with rapid ROI

A unified platform that provides visual oversight and minimizes response time.

Vast amounts of information from a variety of HLS and public safety systems are overwhelming organizations, slowing their response time and decision-making processes and increasing their exposure to threats. ASC Shield visually integrates all information from diverse systems, and presents it clearly and concisely on a single screen, in real time. The system monitors, analyzes data and manages scenarios automatically, applying organizational policies and procedures. The system significantly shortens response time to potential threats (ASC Track technology) and allows ongoing online monitoring via the internet from any location, at any time with just one click.

The ASC Shield utilizes a unified platform that interfaces flexibly.
ASC Shield interfaces with all existing and planned systems and technologies in organizations of any size, including CCTV, access control systems, RFID devices, security systems, safety infrastructure (sewer, water, fuel), fire detection and  hazardous materials systems, “safe city” systems and various GIS software.

Potential interested parties: Integrators, Project developers
Applications: Governmental institutions,  military installations, commercial centers and campuses are a case in point.

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