ASC –EMS – Energy & Utilities Management

Why energy monitoring system of  meter manufacture doesn’t fulfill the needs of a factory or enterprise?

The multiplicity of meter manufactures and high energy costs become a major expenditure for enterprises and companies. The need to manage and centralize the information into a neutral database that does not depend on the type of the meter is essential.







How will Asc-Ems help the managers  in the factory / enterprise to accelerate the decision making process ?

  • Providing universal visual resolution in real time for all energy c& utilities consumers on one screen .
  • Analysis and alerts on leakage and waste via the Internet and cellular.
  • Alerts to appropriate professionals.







We place emphasis on improving profitability and saving energy costs:

  • Savings – Identification and presentation of efficient and optimal equipment economically.
  • Simulation – To test the impact of operation order changing on the savings achieved. Identification and early prediction of malfunction development leads to the prevention of downtime and costly waste.
  • Holistic monitoring – A central database with access via: Internet browser – cloud (Saas) from the PC or smartphone.
  • Integration – Integration of multiple sub-systems: Multi-Meters, PLC’s, SCADA, Pumps, Chillers, Compressors, Generators,
  • Analysis and reporting– Custom consumption reports, load / loss analysis and deviations, smart grid management.

Amitec’s experience is your success

Asc-Ems is an innovative system that is the result of many years of experience designed to intelligently manage the consumers in the organization in order to bring about their most efficient operation,

Diagnose problems, irregular losses, while taking in considerations economic and technical aspects, thus bringing maximum savings.

System Benefits:

  • Financial and energetic analysis.
  • Loss control and leakage.
  • Bills production and verification.
  • Management of meters :electricity, water, gas, fuels and compressed air.
  • Automatic comparisons between meters and detection of irregularities and losses.
  • Generate alerts and send  notifications  by :SMS and EMAIL.
  • Sending automatic consumption reports.

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